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Parliamentary Center for European Law Foundation was established by OSF – Sofia on 14.07.2000г.


   Acceleration of process of European integration tests resources of the country in legislation area. One possible additional resource are NGO. The establishment and the affirmation of practice to include NGO in making bills will help for faster acceptance of legislation of EU. Their resources /financial and experts/, may speed up a process of making a new or modification of legislative acts in force.

   Integration of Bulgaria with European Community is complex and dynamic process who enforces a revaluation of many legislative practices. Considering the short dead lines for implementation of National program for acceptance of achievements of the law in EU, some phases are missed out from legislative proces. In this direction are and the critiques to Bulgaria in the Regular report of European Commission for 2000 y., related with advance and next assessments of legislative acts and their consultation with the parties concerned. Such assessment will be reflected favourable for practical application of laws.

   PACEL gives up expert – consultative and methodical help to Bulgarian Parliament for making bills wich are of paramount importance for European integration of country.

PACEL doesn’t concentrate on concrete sphere of problems (fundamental public relations), rather on the way of their decision – harmonizing the national legislation with the European.


  • Analysis of working legislation and researching of requirements of its modification.
  • Development of legislative acts.
  • Organizing of seminars.
  • Organizing of international conferences for problems of law European integration.
  • Working ad hoc on problems set of the Parliament, commissions and members of Parliament.
  • Assessment of legislation – in advance and next.


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